Would you like to design a new programming language and compiler architecture from the ground up which will have an immediate and impactful use case?

We are looking for an experienced compiler engineer and computer language designer to develop core technologies for our distributed database system. In particular, we are designing a new relational programming language and a new mid-level intermediate representation which will be used to optimize and execute queries against our database backend. In addition we are seeking candidates with experience in SQL execution engines as we will be compiling SQL queries to our MIR.

Responsibilities and Goals

  • Implementing our database’s SQL support
  • Designing and implementing a compiler for our SATS language
  • Mentoring and teaching other members of the team about compiler design best practices and query optimization.


  • Must have worked on SQL query optimization and execution
  • Must have created a compiler for their own language or otherwise made substantial contributions to another large compiler project (e.g. Swift, Rust, etc)
  • Deep knowledge of compilers and programming languages (preferably for many languages)
  • PhD level knowledge would be an asset
  • Able to navigate a wide variety of product requirements
  • Able to work incrementally on large projects over an extended period of time


Clockwork Laboratories is a fully remote team. We meet daily so successful applicants will ideally be located within a UTC +2 to UTC -7 timezone.

Our goal is to provide fair and equitable compensation based on market location as well as an individual candidate’s specific qualifications for an open role. Offers may be adjusted based on job-related knowledge, skills, experience, and other objective business considerations.

The base pay range offered at the start of employment for a mid-senior level applicant residing in the United States is expected to be in between $150,000 to $210,000 USD per year depending on the factors above. Applicants from particularly high cost of living locations (NYC, SF, etc.) may be adjusted accordingly. Offers for applicants from other countries will be based on their regional norms and the requirements of each location.

Subject to the same considerations, the total compensation package for this position may also include equity awards, in addition to a range of medical, financial, and/or other benefits. Details of participation in these benefit plans will be provided if a candidate receives an offer of employment.