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Impossible Cloud

Impossible Cloud

Hamburg, Germany
Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2024
At Impossible Cloud Network (ICN), we are a pioneering the #1 decentralized enterprise-grade open cloud platform for hardware and service providers, as well as developers. Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who previously built a billion-euro tech company, we are on a mission to revolutionize the cloud industry.
ICN manages and orchestrates connected hardware, acting as the critical network layer to accelerate the transition to an open cloud. By offering a protocol with top-quality DePin nodes, ICN ensures a decentralized, enterprise-grade alternative to AWS and creates a secure, performant, and cost-effective open cloud trusted by the world's largest companies.
Join our team of distinguished experts renowned for their success in Web3, alongside some of Europe's most accomplished Web2 entrepreneurs, and be part of transforming the cloud landscape with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise.
We are seeking an experienced Web3 Protocol and Technology Lead who will contribute to the technical architecture of our Web3 development and lead, hands-on, its technical development. This role will primarily focus on leading, developing, and coordinating the technical development of our decentralised infrastructure and token system. This will include blockchain elements (e.g., smart contracts, oracles), as well as the interaction with cloud components. You will work closely with our team of tokenomics designers, engineers and business development as well as with our external partners and stakeholders. While remote work is available, regular on-site collaboration with our exceptional team at our Hamburg headquarters is encouraged.
Please only candidates based in Europe or with a valid visa to work in Europe and willing to relocate to Europe.


  • Blockchain and smart contracts: participate in the design and lead the development of a suite of EVM smart contracts implementing Proof Verification, Membership, Deal Management & Utilization, Resource Scheduling, Identity, and Governance functions.
  • SLA Oracles: participate in the design and lead the development of a consensus-based network of decentralized agents measuring and reporting cloud KPIs
  • ICN Node: participate in the design of the software stack that will be run by Hardware Providers locally.


  • Designed and deployed web3 protocols
  • Led or contributed to the design of smart contracts
  • Contributed to open source repositories
  • Strong experience in software development
  • Proven experience as engineering lead - including in the web3 space
  • Built strong awareness of smart contract bugs and consensus mechanism flaws
We are committed to success. We embrace individuals from all backgrounds who share the goal of building a future European cloud champion. We place great importance on in-person collaboration and open communication, and we value working together regularly at our Hamburg headquarters. If you are an innovative thinker with a passion for driving success in decentralised technology and the cloud industry, we invite you to apply.
Join a workplace that values your well-being, fosters a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere, and play a key role in shaping the future of the Cloud.
Application Submission
We encourage you to kickstart your application by submitting your comprehensive LinkedIn profile or CV along with the designated application form.
Kickoff Call for Selected Candidates
Successful candidates will be invited to participate in a Kickoff call, where we aim to explore your qualifications, experiences, and expectations.
Efficient Interview Process
Our commitment is to complete the hiring process in 2 to 4 additional remote and/or on-site steps, according to the specific role and its seniority level.
We believe in moving swiftly to welcome exceptional talent into our dynamic workplace.