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Business Operations Lead


Stealth AI

Operations · Full-time
Posted on Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Key Summary:

We are seeking a proactive, execution-oriented individual to join our team in its early stages of formation.

About the stealth AI nonprofit Team

We’re assembling a team to pursue a moonshot project in the AI space. We’re hoping to address short-term ethical concerns, long-term safety concerns, and everything in between, using an approach that combines technical breakthroughs and robust governance practices. We’re currently rallying support in various forms (including long-term funding), and are assembling the founding team.

As Business Operations Lead, you will…

Handle fundamental business operations tasks, including

  • Legal — working with lawyers, contractors, and experts of various specialties to arrange meetings about key questions in forming the business, foundational contracts, and new engagements.
  • Accounting — working with one or more accountants to maintain accurate, legible, and compliant financial records.
  • Payroll and HR — handling onboarding of new employees and contractors, and ongoing responsibility for payroll, employee benefits, and other payments; possibly outsourcing to an external service provider.
  • Purchasing — executing and/or reimbursing approved purchase orders.
  • Scheduling and coordination — where applicable, scheduling and coordinating meetings with company leadership to make key decisions as they arise.

As the company grows, responsibilities will expand in scope, with potential to delegate various responsibilities as the team grows and specializes.

You may be a fit for this role if you have…

  • A strong preference to attempt something incredibly important over guaranteed success at something notably less meaningful.
  • A driving desire to learn new things that is only surpassed by your desire to deliver outcomes.
  • A self-starter attitude and a love of navigating complexity and ambiguity to deliver results.
  • A love of learning from the examples of others (especially experts) and charging into the unknown.
  • A rigorous, process-driven work style backed by an ability to communicate effectively.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, and interpersonal skills.
  • Deep flexibility and creativity with the ability to adapt to fast-changing needs and priorities.
  • A willingness to spend at least 25% of the time traveling (This is a very rough approximation)
  • An ambition to significantly empower dramatically more people.

Note: the perfect candidate may not self-identify as fitting all of the above, so if this sounds exciting yet daunting, please apply.

Bonus points…

  • You believe that legal contracts and articles of incorporation can be an artistic medium
  • Prior experience in creating or working with unusual (international) legal structures or corporate forms, especially cause-driven/mission-oriented/non-profit forms.
  • Prior experience working with decision-makers from policymaking bodies, regulatory entities, and/or corporations
  • A casual interest in algorithmic game theory, category theory, formal verification, international arms control, political philosophy, social choice theory.

Note: we are open to hiring a candidate with literally none of the “bonus points” so please do not consider them a requirement for applying.

Please add your answer to this question below in the ‘Additional info’ box; if you do not, we will not consider your application.

If you had to compare the impact of human-level AI* to another technology (for instance, the smartphone), what technology would you pick and why?

*let’s define human-level AI as a closed, human-constructed system that includes no people and can solve problems at least as well as any human.

Stealth AI is an equal opportunity employer.