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Blockchain Cryptography Engineer



Paris, France
Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2022

Job Description

Zama is a cryptography company building open source homomorphic encryption tools for developers. Our technology enables a broad range of use cases, from confidential smart contracts to encrypted machine learning and privacy-preserving cloud applications. Zama was founded by Pascal Paillier and Rand Hindi, and has more than 60 researchers and engineers in its team.

As part of our efforts of bringing privacy to web3, we are building a homomorphic blockchain protocol that enables private smart contracts, where computation happens on-chain on encrypted shared states.

We’re looking for Blockchain Engineers with a strong background in cryptography, capable of designing and implementing complex cryptographic protocols that combine FHE, ZK, and other crypto techniques.

You will be working alongside a team of cryptographers, blockchain engineers, and full-stack engineers to design, implement, and maintain Zama’s homomorphic blockchain.